5 Data Careers That You Should Consider

By Edmates Editorial Team

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Big data industry has been growing at a break neck speed and while it has been changing how industries work it also has opened new career pathways for students to consider.
data careers to consider

Whether you are looking to join a college, out of one and looking for a job, or you want to change your field, knowing what is trending is essential. With significant advancements in various industries, staying up-to-date is necessary.

With the right knowledge, you will get an idea of what you want to do in your professional life. At the same time, you also know the educational requirements, helping you understand how to make the transition. Here are five of the fastest growing professions in the world:

Blockchain Developer

It is of no shock that blockchain developer enters this list, as the demand for this type of job is high among the biggest companies such as Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft. As you have to handle software-related tasks, you need to have a strong hold over programming languages. For example, you should be well-versed in C++, Java, and Python to name a few.

At the same time, you should possess adequate knowledge about blockchain architecture and technology. It helps to know about data structures, as you will be handling tasks related to them. Also, cryptography is essential as a blockchain developer, as this technology uses them extensively.

The role you play in the company depends on whether you will be in the core or software team. As a core developer, you will have to handle security, architecture, and design of the blockchain system. In the software aspect, you need to take care of developing decentralized applications which play a vital role in the architecture.

Data Science Manager

As artificial intelligence is continuing to gain importance in industries all over the world, the demand for data science manager is increasing significantly. If you choose this role, you will be in charge of the data science team. It is essential that you have a strong command over programming languages and database systems. If you have excellent project management and interpersonal skills, it is a plus point.

To become a data science manager, you need to have an undergraduate degree in information systems, computer science, business administration, and statistics. Getting a masters degree in business administration, computer science, statistics, and other related fields is also beneficial, as it gives you the necessary skills to become a team leader. You need to have immense amounts of knowledge on applied system analysis, security applications, data mining, data structures, distributed architecture, and database design.

As a data science manager is a senior role in the company, you need anywhere between 1 – 5 years of experience to apply. You can work as a data analyst or database developer and work your way up. Try getting professional certifications, as individual companies make it mandatory.

Data Specialist

The demand for data science specialists will continue to rise for several years, as businesses need their expertise for various operations. To enter this profession, you need to have a bachelors degree in computer-related courses, statistics, mathematics, economics, and applied math.

If you want to reach leadership roles in the industry, it is essential you complete your Ph.D. It is essential that you have a firm grasp over handling large sets of data, quantitative problem solving, and coding. To ensure your portfolio looks great in the eyes of employers, you can complement your degree with minors in psychology, business, and political science.

There are certain colleges which offer courses in data science, which will help you in this field. Specialization will go a long way in your career if you plan on joining specific industries.  As a data science specialist, you will work in an office. Most of the time, you will have to write code for analyzing large volumes of information or upload data and numbers in the system.

Machine Learning Engineer

As several companies around the world are embracing artificial intelligence technologies, the demand for machine learning engineers is on the rise. If you have used websites such as Facebook and YouTube, you already got a taste of how it works.

If you choose to enter this field, you will be working with frameworks and algorithms, to see how you can maximize their performance in various aspects. In this job, you will need to have a software engineering background, with expertise in programming languages such as C++ and Python.

It will look good in your portfolio, if you specialize in one aspect of machine learning, like multimodal fusion, gesture recognition, robotics, or computer vision. Knowing data wrangling is essential in this field, as you will be handling large volumes of data. It is a plus point to be familiar with distributed computing, as several companies use this technology. Companies such as Netflix, Uber, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon are always looking to hire machine learning engineers, as they are beneficial.

These are five of the fastest growing professions in the world. Entering these fields will ensure that you continue to find jobs regardless of where you go. Make sure you acquire the necessary skills so that you can succeed in the profession of your choice!

Machine Learning Specialist

If you want to have a great career in Industry 4.0, going the machine learning specialist route is a great option. It is essential that you have a strong hold over data modelling, statistics, and probability. These skills will make it easier to understand the demands of your job and perform well.

You need to have a masters in computer science or any other related field. It is vital that you are proficient in programming languages such as C/C++ and Python, to increase the chances of landing this job. Also, you should be knowledgable in computer architecture, algorithms, and data structures.

As a machine learning specialist, the company will ask you to develop techniques for information and data processing. You have to create algorithms, go through historical data and discover patterns. At the same time, you need to provide support for business and program management development activities.

As you can see, most of the fastest growing professions are present in automation and artificial intelligence. If you want a great career option for the future, studying in these related fields will help you immensely.

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