The Complete Guide To Study Entrepreneurship in Malaysia

Studying entrepreneurship in Malaysia will help you create and run a new business based on your skills, passion, and vision. Learn more in this guide
The Complete Guide to Study Entrepreneurship In Malaysia​. Learn About Programs, Duration, Entry Requirements, Fees, Accommodation & Admissions.



3 Years


$7,500+ Yearly



Program Overview 

Entrepreneurship is the process of launching a business to generate profits. While it may sound simple enough to execute, it is not. Learning the ins and outs of business and studying entrepreneurship in Malaysia is an excellent approach to set yourself up for success in the future. Entrepreneurship frequently entails taking on many risks and uncertainties. However, it also offers immense promise and may lead to an extraordinary life. Since the education needed to start a business will differ based on the type of business you want to create, every entrepreneur should know a few general concepts.

Priority should be given to developing a solid grasp of business principles after studying entrepreneurship in Malaysia. This encompasses areas like management, marketing, and financial accounting. Also, having expertise in the industry you want to start a business in is beneficial. This may result from prior professional experience or simply from merely conducting research and learning. Start experimenting on your own, take a few chances, make a few errors, and then learn from them.

Start-ups are about zeal, determination, and vision. To be a successful entrepreneur, you must learn to work hard and smarter when studying entrepreneurship in Malaysia. Malaysian universities help you by encouraging you to read books written by entrepreneurs to learn more about start-ups and entrepreneurship. You can also look for eager mentors to share the knowledge, expertise, and insights they gained while launching their company with you. Lastly, studying entrepreneurship in Malaysia also entails creating networks with other business owners by participating in hackathons, interning, attending local networking events, and joining professional groups.

After you are done studying entrepreneurship in Malaysia, you will find an increase in your overall level of expertise. You can remain on course and improve your chances of success by learning to see and avoid these traps. Lack of a clear vision or aim is one of the most frequent errors, meaning making progress or determining whether you have achieved it is only possible with a clear plan. Furthermore, many beginners who have studied entrepreneurship in Malaysia lose sight of the value of customer service because they are too preoccupied with marketing their products or service. Negative ratings and lost revenue can result from poor customer service. Setting unattainable goals is another error business owners frequently make, so setting challenging but attainable goals are crucial.

In this post, let’s discuss the significance of studying entrepreneurship in Malaysia and the various career options you can explore.

Why Study This Program

Diversify Your Skills

Enrolling in entrepreneurship in Malaysia degree program will impart essential life skills, including dealing with problem-solving scenarios, real-world issues, teamwork, and cooperation, among many others. Learning some life lessons that make up a person’s personality while starting entrepreneurship is possible.

In addition, studying entrepreneurship in Malaysia is valuable. Even if you decide that starting your own business or working on a start-up isn’t for you, the knowledge, skills, and experience you get from studying will be helpful. Individuals “don’t just get into business,” according to various other business starters. You use business skills, whether managing a retail store, creating technology, opening an art gallery, giving music lessons or any other initiative you might launch.

Lead Through Collaboration

Students who undertake courses offered in entrepreneurship in Malaysia degree programs gain leadership skills via teamwork. As entrepreneurial students frequently collaborate in groups, they share responsibility and develop active listening skills. The students also often get the chance to prepare and deliver intelligent presentations. As a result, students learn how to communicate effectively in all facets of life and across all professions, which is an essential life skill.

Studying entrepreneurship in Malaysia is crucial for students preparing for life and the workforce. Students in entrepreneurial programs in Malaysian universities acquire respect, empathy, camaraderie, and trust as they refine their communication skills and work together, preparing them for leadership roles. Various Malaysian universities have created unique entrepreneurial courses and activities that prepare young individuals for leadership because it is crucial for students to understand how they can be great leaders and bosses.

Prepares You for An Uncertain Future

Today’s students must navigate a complex future of social, political, and environmental challenges. As a result, we cannot precisely foresee what our students need to know after graduating. Entrepreneurs must be flexible and adept at navigating uncertainty as new difficulties emerge and globalisation increases. It necessitates a constant readiness to adapt and a desire to attempt new things. Today’s students live in a time with the unheard-of potential for revolutionising how one approaches a profession or finds employment.

Regardless of their chosen job path or financial situation, students equipped with a degree in entrepreneurship in Malaysia will benefit from it, whether they decide to work full-time, on the side, or start their own business. Learning entrepreneurial skills, which students may use to position themselves for long-term success in any professional position, is the closest thing to a real-world experience. Programs that emphasise entrepreneurship in Malaysia offer students vital life skills that will aid them in navigating this uncertain future. These abilities include solving problems, working well in a team, showing empathy, and accepting failure as a necessary step in growth.

Builds Confidence

Students are encouraged not to fail and to strive for perfect answers in a typical study setting, which is not always possible. Classes on entrepreneurship in Malaysia teach students to identify the issue and several creative solutions to handle complicated challenges that lack a clear solution. Students gain confidence as they continue to investigate their educational options and potential future job pathways thanks to the concepts and abilities imparted in the training of entrepreneurship in Malaysia, such as developing and testing a new business concept. It promotes curiosity and a development attitude, connects the start-up’s goals with how projects often operate in the real world and keeps students interested in the procedure.

Students offer several company pitches, learn from business professionals, review their comments to determine how well it connects with their vision and learn how to gather and analyse data for precise risk estimates. Students start forming their worldviews and philosophies of life, which sets the stage for their thinking. They also work their way through the newest technology, giving them the skills to handle problems effectively.

Builds Capacity for Problem Solving and Identification

There is a distinction between recognising issues and addressing them. Years of entrepreneurial training in Malaysia may enhance students’ problem-solving capacity. Still, a successful entrepreneur stands out by anticipating problems and taking the required steps to address them.

Before learning how to address issues, students must first learn to recognise them. While problem-solving has been taught in educational institutes for decades, problem identification has not. Typically, situations someone else describes teaching pupils how to solve problems. Problems in the actual world can only be resolved when they have been accurately recognised and explained. 

When individuals study entrepreneurship in Malaysia, they are taught to recognise problems they have never seen before via entrepreneurship education, a talent that will be very helpful in the world of tomorrow.

Why Study In Malaysia

Create Your Network

For entrepreneurs, collaboration and contacts are essential. You frequently meet intriguing new students you can eventually collaborate with while studying entrepreneurship in Malaysia on projects or even as new co-workers. Imagine attending classes alongside peers and professors from different origins and cultures in Malaysia, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.

Work with Real Businesses

Typically, real-world business experience is recommended for students studying entrepreneurship in Malaysia. You may connect with and learn from many new businesses and entrepreneurial centres, particularly in Malaysia. Get in touch with real situations, honest business owners, and live initiatives.

Affordable Course Fees

The fee required to study entrepreneurship in Malaysia is comparatively less than that required in many other countries, such as the USA, the UK, Australia, and Canada, to name just a few. With entrepreneurship degree expenses shooting up worldwide, Malaysia comes across as a reliable option to receive a high-quality education at an affordable cost.

Globally Recognised Degrees

Entrepreneurship degrees from Malaysian universities enjoy global recognition. Studying entrepreneurship in Malaysia allows students to pursue the program in Malaysia and then move anywhere globally. Several students continue their master’s and specialisation in Malaysia or transfer to other countries to pursue different pathways.

International Education Standard

The standard of entrepreneurship programs in Malaysia meets international standards. This ensures exceptional education for students who enrol in this course. The course curriculum is rigorously developed, keeping in line with international benchmarks to ensure students learn the latest developments in entrepreneurship. 

Excellent Campus Facilities and Infrastructure 

Malaysia offers excellent campus facilities, modern infrastructure, and innovative teaching aids for entrepreneurship in Malaysia. The schools in Malaysia offer a great learning atmosphere. Several leading universities have developed in-house labs and testing facilities dedicated to helping students learn with hands-on experience, operate with state-of-the-art machinery, and stay up to date with the latest innovations.

Career Prospects

If you study entrepreneurship in Malaysia but decide against starting your own business, or at least not now, there is never a need to worry. Your time spent studying and receiving training to learn about entrepreneurship in Malaysia was not in vain. You might be amazed by the sheer number of possibilities available to you.

There are relatively few restrictions and many more alternatives. Consider everything you learned to acquire that degree rather than just the “entrepreneurial” component. Classes probably addressed various issues, including ethics, marketing, finance, and creativity. See where you can use those ideas and talents in Fortune 50 jobs by concentrating on them.

Start-ups encourage not only economic development but also social development and transformation. Entrepreneurial endeavours have the potential to transform the way that industries and businesses are now run in a nation like Malaysia. 75% of people think being an entrepreneur is a wise career option.

Although most entrepreneurial advice begins with the suggestion that you should immediately quit your job and get started, this is rarely the best line of action. Beginning your job pragmatically and working your way up to entrepreneurship in Malaysia rather than jumping in headfirst will help you get more at ease in the corporate environment and improve your concept.

Business Consultant

There are several business consultant opportunities for entrepreneurs. Companies want someone that can visit a customer location, identify issues, and resolve them. Since an entrepreneur accomplishes that, you are the ideal candidate for this position. You’ve received the training necessary to assist others in seeing issues and knowing how to resolve them.


The value of a property is determined and reported by real estate appraisers. They compile and evaluate diverse, accurate estate-related data, make reports, and complete legal documentation. Entrepreneurs may network with investors and agents in this role, giving them asset and property appraisal expertise.

Marketing Manager

This is your vocation if developing and implementing a marketing strategy fascinates you. Marketing managers manage the whole marketing department from idea through planning and execution. They are in charge of guiding the team in attracting new customers to the company.

Sales Representative

These individuals market their clients’ goods to other firms and customers while working for manufacturers or wholesalers. They determine who their clients are, produce sales materials, emphasise product features, respond to inquiries, and draft contracts.

Research and Development

You must comprehend business principles, methods, and procedures to operate in R&D. Individuals who have studied entrepreneurship are well-prepared for this kind of employment thanks to all the training and education they got.

Web Developers

Web developers create website design, style, and functionality. They create user-friendly web pages using programming languages like HTML and CSS according to the customer’s demands. Almost every business depends on technology to function and grow.

Social Media Manager

Ideas for entrepreneur careers aren’t only restricted to conventional industries. The idea that social media is a fantastic technique to increase sales and create brand recognition has been verified by recent internet developments. Six in ten customers say it’s because they think businesses can effect change when they say brands must take a statement on social media.

Advertising Agent

These individuals represent clients in the sale of advertising space in periodicals, websites, radio programs, and television programs. They form contracts, offer estimates, and decide when advertisements will appear.


When discussing this job, we do not recommend starting a business-teaching company. We propose you instruct students in core skills such as entrepreneurship. Show students how history fosters invention, literature fosters compelling writing, and maths fosters commerce.

Systems Analyst

The assessment and fulfilment of a company’s software and other IT needs fall within a systems analyst’s purview. They could offer brand-new hardware or software systems or look for methods to enhance an organisation’s present systems. This position offers considerable IT skills and might benefit business owners who intend to use computers in their operations.

Program Duration

The duration to study entrepreneurship in Malaysia is three years for the bachelor’s program. English is the medium of instruction followed in schools across all major international private universities. 

The first year will have a number of common subjects between different specialisations. As students progress to years two and three, their modules and subjects will become more specialised as per their field of choice. 

Students can sometimes switch from one specialization to another, but it will require approval from the University faculty and the relevant authorities in Malaysia.

Students who want to opt for program transfers to another University will usually need to prepare the transfer paperwork and start processing from their second year onwards to ensure all the paperwork and approvals are in place so the program transfer can be done.

Entry Requirements

The Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) sets the entry requirements and guidelines for university admissions in Malaysia, which all universities must adhere to. All prospective international students must meet the minimum entry requirements, as the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) takes these standards into account during the application acceptance and processing phases.

The admission requirements to study entrepreneurship in Malaysia for international students may vary from one university to another. However, the basic entry requirements are the same for most universities. 

Usually, there are two pathways to entering a degree program in Malaysia:

  • First, students can join a foundation program after completing their secondary schooling, O levels, or equivalent qualifications. After completing the foundation in the business program, they can continue to the bachelor’s degree as per their choice.
  • Second, students who have completed their higher secondary school or A levels or equivalent will be able to join the bachelor’s degree programme directly into year one. 

If a student fails to meet the entry requirements for a bachelor’s degree programme, the faculty may offer different pathways into the degree programme, for example, through a foundation or a diploma programme. 

Universities may raise the entry requirements to ensure incoming students are academically prepared for the rigours of their programmes. So, prospective international students should consult with an admission advisor to determine the precise entry criteria for their chosen programme and their preferred university.

General Entry Requirements For Bachelor’s Degree

  • A Levels: 2 Passes in A-Level with a Pass in English and Mathematics at SPM/ O-Level/ IGCSE or its equivalent.
  • Foundation: Passed the relevant Foundation programme (minimum CGPA of 2.0)

English Language

International students who wish to study entrepreneurship in Malaysia will need to also provide proof of their English language proficiency with IELTS or TOEFL exams. Students who have studied the British or American curriculum are generally exempted from the English proficiency requirements since the medium of instruction for that curriculum is in English by default. 

Students who have studied other curriculums where the medium of instruction is also English will usually need to provide a supporting letter from the school stating that the instruction language for their schooling has been English. With that letter, English language requirements are proven to have been completed.

Fees & Cost

Students sometimes only look at the tuition fee during the comparison. However, depending on how forthright and clearly the fee guidelines from the university are, the extra fees can be a hefty amount that could be a surprise. So students are advised to correctly add all the fees and decide which university fits their budget requirements to study entrepreneurship in Malaysia. 

Various factors will contribute to the overall cost structure, such as:

  • Tuition fees
  • Accommodation fees
  • Admission fee
  • Registration and Visa fees and
  • Other one-time fees.

These fees vary from university to university and can depend on varying factors. The quality, infrastructure, facilities and teacher-to-student ratio will also determine how much a university charges.

You must find the right balance between quality and cost to get the best education possible. The average cost to study entrepreneurship in Malaysia is between RM30,000 to RM40,000 per year, depending on the University.

For reference, that’s around USD $7,500 to $10,000 per year for a 3-year entrepreneurship degree program at the current exchange rate.


Accommodation cost is going to be another recurring fee for international students. Generally, students have two options: they can either stay at the on-campus accommodation provided by the university or at private accommodation. The prices will differ according to which university and area you choose.

Generally, campus accommodations at major universities start at around US$150 per month and can go up to $400 per month. The pricing for on-campus accommodation is determined by the size of the room, whether a student will be sharing the room or will be staying alone, or if the student is taking a master room which generally comes with an attached bathroom or decides to stay at a sharing room with shared bathroom.

Some universities also offer cooking facilities and on-campus accommodation, which are shared facilities which will also be factored into the accommodation costs. Utility costs are generally an add-on fee.

While choosing the university, you can check with your admissions advisor on the options available for accommodation and how much they will cost so that you have an idea of how much of a monthly budget you will require as a student.

Admission Procedure

Researching, applying and managing overseas admissions is a tedious, time-consuming and often confusing process. Incorrect application submissions can lead to lengthy processing, delayed approvals, or rejections. You can visit education, exhibitions and fairs to collect information. However, that is not enough. You can only collect cursory information at these places. However, your admission processing will usually take much longer. During that time, you will need consistent and dedicated support to ensure your application is in the right experienced hands.

This is where we help.

Edmates helps international students from around the world with complete admissions processing. Our integrated one-stop centre helps international students with everything. We help you find future-driven programs that match your abilities and interests in leading universities.

We handle the entire process from the beginning until you have joined the university. Our international support system will manage everything for you, absolutely free.

Each student is assigned with a dedicated admission advisor who will manage the complete admission process and also guide the student throughout the admissions process. The advisor will also liaise with the university admissions department to ensure clear communications and faster processing.

You can speak with your assigned advisor anytime by booking a free call online through the website. You will also receive regular updates regarding your application via emails, SMS and WhatsApp.

To learn about each step of the admission process, you can read our complete guide to start applying for your higher education the right way.

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