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Foundation Program Related

Although A levels can provide direct entry to degree programs, provided students match the exact requirements of the course and university. 

But if students are unable to match the requirements, the university will put them through another foundation or bridging program to prepare you for the degree.

This leads to wasted time and money. The 2 years after O levels and added time to do the bridging program can be saved by directly enrolling into the appropriate foundation program. 

Foundation can help students save 1 to 2 years of time, prepare students properly for bachelors and provide a better way to enrol into degree programs.

Absolutely. Foundation programs are recognised courses offered and taught by leading universities.

If you have passed O Levels or 10th class or equivalent in your country with 5 credits, then you are eligible to apply for foundation program.

Usually the basic requirement stipulates credit ( B and above ) in 5 subjects, but the university cutoff can require higher percentage in core subjects.

Foundation streams are designed in a way which helps students understand fundamentals of a particular field. Let’s say you interested in software but don’t know which degree you should study, you will enrol into Technology and Computing stream. This foundation will help you determine which exact course is best suited to your interests. 

If you are interested in diverse fields such as Business and Engineering, but you’re unsure which one to take, contact us and we will help you figure the right match.

Yes. Upon completion the university will issue a course completion certificate to you.

If you have already decided which university and foundation program you want to join, head over to Apply Now page and we will get started.

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Undergraduate Program Related

If you have decided the course or field you want to pursue, head over to Apply Now page, fill up the details and let’s get started.

If you are not sure which course of university is the right fit for you, connect with us via chat or fill the form here and we will help you to navigate and pick the right program.

If you have completed Foundation program or  A Levels or 12 years of formal education or equivalent with credit score in core subjects then you will be eligible to apply directly for an undergraduate program.

However keep in mind some universities will require a higher grade cutoff. You can contact us and let us know what program or stream are o you interested in and we can help you find the right match.

Absolutely. if you have either decided on a course and/or university, we can help you get admission. Simply head over to Apply Now page and fill the details and we will get started.

Choosing the right university requires the right blend of variables such as program quality, accreditation, teaching experience and success cases.

Every case has to be evaluated individually on its merits and requirements and to fight the right institution for you, we recommend that you get in touch with us with the required details so that we can  inform you about the options available to your case and recommend the right institution for you.

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