7 Step Guide For International Students to Get Admissions in a University in Malaysia

Malaysia is ranked as one of the top international student destinations. Learn how you can study in Malaysia to build a future with the right education at leading universities.
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Submit Application

The admission process for the top-rated Universities in Malaysia starts with submitting the necessary documents to us.

Visit the Apply Now page and submit the application form with complete details. This helps us assess the eligibility of your application.

The following documents are required:

  1. Academic Results such as marks sheet
  2. Passport Details Page
  3. IELTS Certificate, if available

Once we have received the application, our admissions advisor will get in touch with you via a call & email and advise you about the right University options and answer your queries.

If you have any particular University preference, you can let us know while submitting your application to us; otherwise, our advisor will help you find the right University. 

After discussing with you, we will submit your application to one or more of our panel universities to get your application for admission started. 

Timeline:  24 Hours

Offer of Admission

Once the assessment is completed, we will get the letter for the offer of admission issued from the University.

We will send the original letter to you & explain the details of the offer. The letter usually contains information about the nature of the offer, program details, fee details, and intake details.

After the offer letter is issued, you will need to accept the offer by providing the following documents:

  1. Passport Copy (Scanned from cover to cover, including all blank pages)
  2. Passport Size Photograph With White Background (Guidelines here)
  3. Health Declaration Form (Attached here)
  4. Student Visa Payment (Details will be on Offer Letter)

Once we have received all the documents, your admission is confirmed.

Visa Approval

Once we have received all the documents from Step 2, your student visa application will be submitted to Education Malaysia Global Services.

It is the governmental body responsible for managing all student visa applications in Malaysia. While your application is being processed, we will keep you updated throughout the process. 

Once the application is successful, we will send you the Visa Approval Letter issued by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Single Entry Visa (SEV)

You are required to proceed to the nearest Malaysian Embassy along with the following documents to get the Single Entry Visa:

  1. Visa Approval Letter
  2. Offer Letter
  3. Student Passport 
  4. Flight Ticket to Malaysia

The embassy will verify all the documents and issue a SEV on the student’s passport.

Once you have received the SEV, you are required to send us a scanned copy.

Timeline: 3 to 4 Weeks


We can now proceed to make the accommodation booking for you.

Usually, there are two main options for accommodation

  1. On-Campus Accommodation
  2. Off-Campus Accommodation

Both are managed by the University, so both options are safe & convenient options for students. We will provide you with the list of accommodation options & you are required to submit three choices to us.

Based on the availability at the University, we will inform you and make the booking.

Arrival in Malaysia

We will provide the details of the person assigned to you for airport clearance & pick-up.

  • When you arrive in Malaysia, you must proceed to the student waiting area at the arrival hall near the immigration gate.
  • You can wait in the room while your arrival is processed by the clearance officer.
  • You will proceed to the University with the clearance officer upon clearance. 

Post Arrival Process

Once you have safely arrived in Malaysia, you must go through the Medical Checkup at designated medical centres within seven days after your arrival in Malaysia; the checkup usually takes a few hours.

After the medical checkup is complete, the clinic will provide you with a completion slip, which you must submit to the University administration along with your passport immediately.

The University will submit your passport to the Immigration department for issuing the 1-year student pass. After the pass is issued, the university will return the passport to you.

Timeline: Within seven days of your arrival in Malaysia.

Orientation Week

Before your classes start at the university, there is a one-week period of introduction known as the orientation week.

During this week, you learn about various processes, departments and divisions within the university that help you navigate your student life comfortably.

You will learn how the classes are taught, where you will find class schedules, exam schedules, and much more.

After the orientation week has concluded, you will start your classes.

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