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Study Medicine degree program in Malaysia

Malaysia has grown in popularity as a destination for international students from all over the world. We now have students from over 120 countries coming study Medicine degree program in Malaysia. The universities are well-structured and offer well-designed cohesive programmes which are globally recognised.

Global Recognition

Over the last few decades, Malaysia has firmly positioned itself as the premier international destination for students to study

Strong international collaborations with other global universities, academic bodies, accreditation boards and research institutes ensure medicine degree program in Malaysia are fully recognised around the world.

World Class Infrastructure

Malaysia is known for its excellent and well-built infrastructure in the region. The country offers some of the best healthcare facilities.

The country has poured in hundreds and millions of dollars to develop modern healthcare facilities. These facilities, in turn, attract healthcare professionals from all around the world, resulting in a fast-growing ecosystem.

Great Value

Malaysian universities provide unrivalled value.

The cost to quality ratio that you find in Malaysian universities is hard to come by anywhere else. The quality of education you receive is as competitive as you will receive in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia or Canada. However, the cost of doing MBBS in Malaysia is a lot lower.

International Environment

Malaysia offers a unique value to international students. Students from over 120 countries have chosen to study medicine degree program in Malaysia.

This allows every student to study in a truly globalised environment, where students can interact with other counterparts and learn not just academically but also grow in personal development.

New Technologies

Universities have invested a great deal in developing innovative health care institutions where students can learn what the future of medicine will be like.

Rather than being limited to learning from books, universities have invested in newer technologies which make the learning experience much more enjoyable and exciting.

Gateway of the World

Malaysia truly acts as a gateway of the world for students. Young school graduates are moulded into young professionals who are ready for the global world.

With a safe and healthy learning atmosphere, students are nurtured in an international environment to compete on a global platform.

Admission Process

Online, Easy & Free, Managed by Edmates

International admissions can be very confusing and stressful for students. Identifying the right universities and programs, checking the right certifications, applying to universities, getting necessary approvals are only some of the things that students must do. 

Edmates helps international students from around the world with complete admissions procedures. Our integrated one-stop centre helps international students with everything.


Excellent Benefits for International Students

Strong international collaborations with other universities, academic bodies, accreditation boards and research institutes make Malaysian medical universities a great choice for international students

World's Leading Medical Schools

Study at World Renowned Universities

We exclusively partner with Universities which are fully recognised globally. The universities are regularly audited and ranked by some of the world’s most stringent academic and research bodies. This ensures universities are competitive on a global level. 

Amongst the international and national bodies, the medicine programme taught in Malaysia is recognised by the following:

International Benchmarks

Globally Accepted Medicine Degrees

One of the most important and valuable aspects of studying in an overseas destination is wider global recognition which opens more pathways for students. This is an area where students who study medicine degree progam in Malaysia will benefit greatly. The medicine program offered at major universities in Malaysia are globally recognised and it enables students to transition to other destinations such as United States via USMLE, United Kingdom via PLAB, Canada via MCCQE and in Australia via AMC, amongst other global destinations.

Graduates who have completed medicine degree progam in Malaysia have joined some of the world’s premier universities such as Harvard Medical School and Princeton Medical School amongst others. 

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Exclusive Scholarships with Edmates

International students with good grades are encouraged to submit their admission application to us for processing to enjoy exclusive scholarships. 

Global Transfer Programs

Amazing Mobility Options

Students have the option of starting the medicine program in Malaysia and then transferring to other universities in United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Ireland. 

This can help international students save a lot of money. Students have the option to study phase 1 at a Malaysian Partner University and then transfer to another university for the remaining program. The final degree is issued by the partner university where student transfers to in the Phase 2.  

United Kingdom



Outstanding Advantages

International students choose to study medicine degree program in Malaysia to get great advantages

Global Acceptance

Medicine degree programs in Malaysia are globally accepted and recognised

Quality Education

The quality of medicine degree programs in Malaysia is exceptional

All Round Development

Universities focus on overall development of students along with academics

Safe Environment

Malaysia is one of the safest countries for international students globally

Future Technologies

Universities in Malaysia integrate smart healthcare technologies in curriculum

Amazing Infrastructure

Malaysia offers beautiful and well developed facilities for students

Top Universities for Medicine Degree program in Malaysia

Edmates helps you to study in Malaysia with complete peace of mind and makes the journey easy

Taylors University

University of Cyberjaya

MAHSA University

International Medical University

Segi International University

Manipal International University

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Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions, answered

You can get a medicine degree in Malaysia by joining a fully recognised medical school and complete 5 years of education. Depending on your academic curriculam and pathway, you can either join the bachelors program directly or go through foundation in medicine program.

The best university for medicine in Malaysia would be amongst a select group of institutions which are globally recognised. Depending on your requirements such as budget, future plans, academic pathway and location preference, there are quite a number of Malaysian medical universities to choose from. Some universities offer global transfer options where as others offer degrees in Malaysia.

A medicial degree in Malaysia can cost approximately around RM 90,000 to 120,000 per year. A number of universities offer scholarships for international students which can lower the costs.

It takes around 5 years to complete a medicine degree program in Malaysia.

Yes, an MBBS or medicine degree from Malaysia is accepted in India, provided it is approved by National Medical Council in India and meets the necessary qualifications criteria. A number of leading medical universities in Malaysia are fully approved and recognised by NMC, India.

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