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In a fast-changing world, your success depends on choosing the right education that opens a world of opportunities for you. We provide reliable guidance to help students and parents make informed decisions. 

Edmates helps you find future-driven programs that match your abilities and interests in leading universities. We handle the entire process right from the beginning until you have joined the university. Our international support system will help you stay updated about the process and be prepared. 

Extensive Network
Gain access to our vast network of leading international universities in Malaysia, ensuring a wide range of options for your higher education at world-class institutions
personalised Guidance
Receive tailored guidance and support throughout the university admissions process, ensuring a customized experience that matches your goals and aspirations
Simplified Process
Let us handle the complexities of applications, documentation, and deadlines, saving you time and reducing the stress associated with university admissions
International Support
Stay updated and informed at every step with our dedicated international support system, providing timely updates and assistance to keep you prepared and confident
Insider Knowledge
You will benefit from our in-depth knowledge of Malaysia's education system, admission requirements, and cultural aspects, giving you an edge in making informed decisions
Comprehensive Service
Beyond admissions, we offer a range of services, including visa guidance, pre-departure support, and advice on scholarships, ensuring a holistic approach to your educational journey

Study in Malaysia Guides

Unlock Your Potential and Study in Malaysia with Expert Guidance

Why Malaysia
Top-notch education, cultural diversity, and a thriving economy. Malaysia welcomes international students from over 160 countries.
Admission Procedures
Our streamlined admission procedures ensure you get a seamless journey to world-class international Malaysian universities.
Arrival In Malaysia
Transition smoothly as an international student. Our support eases your arrival process for a seamless experience in Malaysia.

featured Universities

Explore our comprehensive university guides to help you find the best institution

Asia Pacific University

Asia Pacific University

Taylor's University

Taylor’s University

University of Nottingham

University of Nottingham

University of Cyberjaya

University of Cyberjaya


International Medical University

University of Southampton

University of Southampton

Program Guides

Explore our comprehensive program guides for a well-informed pathway selection

Artificial Intelligence
Diverse industries, such as healthcare, finance, and transportation, are looking for AI specialists to improve efficiency.
Cybersecurity careers involve protecting computer networks and sensitive information from cyber threats.
Financial Technology
Discover the power of Financial Technology and embark on a journey that explores the future of finance.
International Business
Discover the dynamics of global markets and excel in your career through studying International Business.
Mechanical Engineering
Unleash your innovation and shape the world with a mechanical engineering degree.
Marketing Management
Unleash your creativity, influence consumer behavior, and drive business success with a marketing degree.
Mechatronics Engineering
Master the fusion of mechanics, electronics, and computer science for limitless engineering opportunities.
International Relations
Gain global perspectives, understand diplomacy, and shape a meaningful impact on world affairs.
Actuarial Studies
Study actuarial studies to master risk assessment and propel your future success.

Here's How It Works

Apply to world renowned universities in Malaysia for your higher education, from the comfort of your home. It's online, easy & free.

Submit Your Application
Submit your university admission application on the Apply page and complete the verification.
Speak With Your Advisor
You will receive instructions on your registered email address to speak with the your advisor.​
Receive Admission Offers
The application will be processed with universities and you will start receiving admission offers.​

Outstanding Benefits

Edmates helps you to study in Malaysia with complete peace of mind and makes the journey easy

Authorised Platform
One-stop admission platform for hassle-free admissions
One Application
Apply to multiple universities with one application
Expert Advisors
Expert admission managers take care of your complete admission processing
Student Visa
Complete student visa processing will be managed by us​
Student Arrival
International team will mange your arrivals and post arrival procedures​
Student Accommodation
We will help students with booking the right housing