The Complete Guide For International Student Admissions In Malaysia

The Complete Guide to Admission in Malaysia for International Students With Complete Step-by-step Details, Documents and Procedures.
Admission In Malaysia

Pre-Application Stage

The first step to University admission in Malaysia and starting the admission journey for leading universities in Malaysia is to prepare your details and submit your details to us. Visit the Apply Now page and submit the application form with complete information. 

During submission, please ensure that all your documents are clearly scanned in PDF format and that all requested details are correctly submitted. This helps us assess the eligibility of your application.

Once you have submitted your application, you must complete a simple verification process and activate your admission application. When you submit your application to us, you will receive an activation link on your email address. You will need to click on that activation link and verify the application. Please note that only verified applications will be processed. 

When the application verification process is completed, you will receive an email notification that your application is under processing. Your admission application will then be assigned to a dedicated admissions advisor who will go through your admission application, and your application will be marked for processing ahead.

Documents To Submit:

  • Passport
  • Academic Results

Discussion With Advisor​

You will receive an email notification that your application for admission in Malaysia has been assigned to a dedicated admissions advisor. You will be able to schedule a call with your advisor through a link sent to you via email. You can then book a time as per your preference and available slots. The discussion session with your advisor will be conducted via Zoom. The meeting confirmation details will also be sent to you via SMS and email. 

This call will help us understand your unique profile, academic background, interests and requirements so that our advisors can advise the best university and program options tailored to your needs. You will also be able to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have and get all the necessary details that are instrumental in helping you find the right University.

At the end of this discussion, the advisors will usually provide you with the top three university and program options and discuss all the details. This discussion aims to finalise your admission application and prepare all the paperwork necessary to formally start the university admissions process. If any additional documentation is required from your side, your advisor will notify you.

This step is instrumental in preparing your admission application properly, increasing your chances of university approval, and ensuring that you get the best possible offer of admission. 

Important Steps

  • Admission Discussion With Advisor​
  • Shortlisting Of Universities​
  • Formal Application To University​

Offer Of Admission

Once you have finalised the program and the university option with your admissions advisor, we will submit your application for processing and approval to that particular university partner. The university admissions department will evaluate your application, and upon a successful outcome, they will issue the formal offer letter.

The offer letter will mention your program details, fees, scholarship (if applicable), intake session, and other relevant information. The admissions advisor will email the offer letter to your registered email address. Once you have received the offer letter, you are advised to read all the details in your offer letter carefully. If you have questions or require clarification, you can reach out to your advisor to get them addressed.

Please note that different universities will have different validity periods for the offer letter. You are required to move ahead with offer acceptance within the stipulated time. 

Important Steps

  1. Receive Offer Letter​
  2. Prepare For Offer Acceptance​

Offer Acceptance

After receiving the offer of admission, you are required to move ahead with the acceptance procedures immediately to ensure that your seat is booked at the university. A lot of programmes have a limited number of seats available for admission. So you are required to complete the acceptance process within the given time.

When your offer letter is issued, the university will also issue your student reference number, which is mentioned on your offer letter. In order to accept your offer of admission, you will be required to make the Visa payment directly to the university under that reference number. This will allow the university finance department to connect the payment to your offer letter easily.

After completing your initial payments to the university, you are required to notify your admissions advisor and share the proof of payment so that your advisor can notify the university admissions department that your payment has been completed, and we can start preparing for your student visa processing.

Important Steps

  • Make Acceptance Payment To University​
  • Submit Admission Acceptance Documents​
  • Start Preparing Visa Documents ​

Student Visa Application

Once you have accepted the offer of admission from the university, the next step is to apply for your student visa. We will manage your application, so you must prepare the Visa documents and email them to your advisor. The advisor will share the documentation guidelines with you. 

You will need to scan all the documents in a clear PDF format and email the files to your advisor. Once all the documents have been received, your admissions advisor will send you an acknowledgement email, and we will submit the documents to the visa department for student visa processing.

The student Visa application can be tracked on the EMGS website with your passport number and nationality details. Usually, student visa processing can take around 5 to 6 weeks. If the authorities request any additional documentation or paperwork from the student, your advisor will notify you accordingly.

Once your Visa application has been approved, you will receive the E-visa approval letter on your registered email address from your advisor. 

Please note that it is mandatory for all international students coming to study in Malaysia to get the necessary approval from EMGS and the Department of Immigration. We often get asked by students if they can come on a tourist Visa and then convert it to a student visa. Please note that it is not possible to convert from any other tourist visa to a student visa. All international students must apply for the appropriate student visa and get approval from authorities before travelling to Malaysia as a student. 

Important Documents

  • Complete Scan Of Your Passport Booklet​
  • Passport Size Photograph With White Background​
  • Health Declaration Form​

Single Entry Visa

After receiving your E-visa approval letter, the next step for you is to collect the Single Entry Visa. If your country is listed in the Single Entry Visa required list, you must collect an entry visa before you travel to Malaysia. You can check the details on the EMGS website here. Alternatively, contacting your advisor or the Malaysian embassy is also advised to re-confirm before travelling to Malaysia. 

This application for a Single Entry Visa can be made via two pathways. You can either visit your nearest Malaysian embassy and apply for the entry visa there, or you can apply for it online at the Malaysian Visa website here.

Generally, the required documents will be the same for both options. If you have applied at the embassy, your Visa will be issued on your passport booklet directly. On the other hand, if you apply via the website, you will receive the Visa approval to your email address. You must take a printout of the Visa approval and carry it with you when you travel to Malaysia.

Do note that the single entry visa is not your final student visa. This Visa essentially allows a student who is travelling for the first time to Malaysia to join their university to enter the country. Once you have arrived, you will need to complete the post-arrival processing, after which you will need to submit your passport to your university administration department. They will submit it for further processing so that a multiple entry visa sticker is issued on your passport. For the first year, the validity of the multiple entry visa will be for one year. The student Visa will be renewed on a yearly basis, subject to guidelines.

Documents Required For Single Entry Visa​

  • Passport
  • Flight Ticket
  • Visa Approval Letter
  • Visa Application Form

Accommodation Booking​

Students generally have two options for accommodation. You can either choose to stay in private accommodation or stay at the university accommodation. If you choose to stay in the university accommodation, you will need to fill up the accommodation form and share it with your advisor. Generally, you will need to provide 2 to 3 options in your accommodation form, and based on the availability of the accommodation, you will get the booking confirmation. Your admissions advisor will keep you posted on the availability options.

Once the booking confirmation has been issued by the accommodation department at the university, you will need to complete the accommodation payments directly to the university so that your check-in at the accommodation can go without any hiccups when you arrive.

Arrival In Malaysia

In order to prepare for your arrival, you must ensure that you are carrying all the original documents with you in print. Keep all the documents in a folder and a handbag so that you can provide the details and documents at the immigration counter. The pick-up will be arranged for international students. Depending on the time and day you arrive, you can either go to the university and report to the international office or check in your accommodation first. Your details will be processed at the University’s international office, and you will be guided on the next steps. 

All international students are required to go through a medical checkup at a designated clinic within the first seven days of arrival. The University’s international office will guide you on the medical checkup and procedures. After completing your medical checkup, you will need to submit the completion document and your student passport to the university so that the Visa endorsement process can move ahead. Students will also receive health insurance details from the university.

Important Steps

  • Airport Clearance
  • Health Checkup
  • Visa Endorsement

Student Orientation

Student orientation is one of the most important steps for new students to help them understand and get introduced to all the workings and procedures of the university. All international students are strongly advised to properly attend the entire orientation programme conducted at the University. This will help students clarify any questions or concerns and, most importantly, help them prepare properly for university life. You will also hear from all the different departments, their functions and how they can help you during your stay at the University. Make sure you note down all the necessary details and clarify any questions or concerns so that everything is set up correctly when you are ready to move ahead and join your classes.

You will also be able to understand how to access your student accounts, timetables, academic schedules, learning material and other academic documents. Your student identity cards will also be issued to you during the orientation.

To Collect

  • Student Identity Card​
  • Student Login Details​
  • Other Access Details​

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