Which Top Ranking Malaysian University Should You Enrol in?

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Malaysia offers the right advantages for International students and is increasingly pulling students from traditional international higher-ed destinations such as UK, US, Australia, and others. Here are the top private universities in Malaysia for you to consider.
Malaysia offers the right advantages for International students and is increasingly pulling students from traditional international higher-ed destinations such as UK, US, Australia, and others. Here are the top private universities in Malaysia for you to consider.

Global Educational Hub

There are many top private universities in Malaysia that students can choose from, as students from over 100+ countries regularly come to study in Malaysia, and there are many reasons why. Malaysia offers international students a great blend of world-renowned universities, the latest programs, great student lifestyle, all at an affordable cost. 

Although the biggest draw for Malaysian universities lies in the fact that the country is an attractive, affordable, flexible, and internationally-recognized educational hub, Malaysia offers a nice mix of cultural attractions, theme parks, shopping malls, modern infrastructure, a vast array of food options, and stuff that makes a student’s life simply more exciting and affordable

The Ministry of Higher Educational (MOHE) of Malaysia has placed importance on certain values and they are:

  • To formulate a definitive plan and system to boost the Malaysian higher education sector
  • To enhance the management system of the department
  • To increase the capacity of its manpower, accessibility, and participation in international programs and partnerships
  • To raise the bar on improving its higher education system so that they are either on par with or surpass international standards
  • To increase the number of international students in Malaysia

So, if you’re wondering which top-ranking Malaysian college or university you should enroll for, let’s take a quick look.

Which Top Ranking Malaysian University Should You Enrol In? 1

Asia Pacific University

Asia Pacific University (APU) is a top private universities in Malaysia. Located centrally in Kuala Lumpur, APU is situated in Technology Park at Bukit Jalil which is about 15 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Operating from a world-class campus that was opened recently in 2017 with modern facilities, students from over 130+ countries have chosen APU as their international study destination and APU has produced thousands of professionals since opening its doors in 1993. 

APU is positioned as an unrivaled leader for students from around the world, with a globally renowned reputation, industry-driven programs, Avant-grade facilities, and a trailblazing track-record, the university is a go-to destination for a number of programs. 

APU graduates are particularly sought-after by some of the world’s leading organizations for a number of reasons. The university takes great care to develop students academically, emphasizes personal and professional development, and has an amazing track-record in producing industry leaders.

In fact, according to the latest Graduate Tracer Study 2018 by the Ministry of Education Malaysia, 100% of APU graduates are employed by graduation. This accolade is unique to APU, which strengths its position as the leading university in Malaysia.

Amongst numerous awards and recognitions, APU is a 5 star rated University by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia,  a Premier Digital University awarded by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation, as well as a close partner for many of the world’s leading academic bodies. These act as a mark of trust and empowers students and graduates from APU to be globally successful.

APU also has another major advantage over all the other universities in the arena, a strong technological and innovation-focused spine, which powers through all the programs. 

The university teaches Foundation programs, Accounting, Finance, Quantitative Studies, Business and Management, Computing and Technology, Engineering, Media, Arts and Design, and Postgraduate Studies. Across all these schools, technological modules and components run throughout the programs at APU. This is a particularly important distinction now, as most of the industries around the world are changing fundamentally to inculcate technology, students need to be prepared for a changing workforce. Whether it’s in careers such as business, finance, accounting, management, media, communications, or in more tech-driven careers in engineering, software & hardware, artificial intelligence, or machine learning, students need to be armed with the right skills and tools which will help them be prepared for the changing future. 

As an added bonus, APU graduates can also opt-in to get a dual-degree award from De Montfort University, the United Kingdom, which means upon graduation, students will receive 2 Degree Certificates & Transcripts: 1 from APU, Malaysia, and 1 from DMU, UK. You can read more on that here.

To explore in-depth about Asia Pacific University, click here

As one of Malaysia's premier international universities, Asia Pacific University is THE destination for students. With a globally renowned reputation, industry-driven programs, Avant-grade facilities, and a trailblazing track-record, APU is a must-have on your university list.

Which Top Ranking Malaysian University Should You Enrol In? 2

University of Nottingham

Those who are interested in pursuing a career in psychology, bio-science, business, and engineering should have a look at what the University of Nottingham Malaysia, another top private university in Malaysia has to offer.

Boasting of a top 10 ranking in the United Kingdom for its research intensity and student experience, it has also earned its notch with the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in 2001, Queen’s Square for Industry International Trade in 2006, and received accolades for its research-led, accredited Psychology program. 

What many may not know about this university is that it is far more ‘zen’ than many other Malaysian universities. On top of having modern sports facilities, labs, library and offering a wide range of scholarships, financial aid, and career advice, its campus is located just a short breath away from the main hustle and bustle of busy Kuala Lumpur. Some former students would go as far as to say that every day on campus is like a new adventure especially when they choose to stay on-campus. Off-campus accommodation is also available.

Which Is Also A Top Private Universities In Malaysia

Taylor's University

The lakeside campus of Taylor’s University’s now-famous college is surrounded by a well-maintained picturesque man-made lake which is set against the backdrop of a tropical landscape. Although located amid a very busy suburb, students will enjoy feeling serene, peaceful, and safe as a student of the college. Many of Taylor’s University’s students are from other countries like South Koreans, Japanese, Indonesians, Africans, Arabians, Vietnamese and more. Just right outside its campus’ veil of serenity are the bustling arrays of shopping malls, busy LRT & bus stations, theme parks and conglomeration of cafes, coffee outlets, and other famous student-geared gathering spots. 

Taylor’s University, which is also a top private universities in Malaysia is known for exceptionally well-rounded and industry-relevant courses in hospitality & tourism, law, engineering, medicine and many more. The cost of studying in this top-ranking Malaysian university range from RM40,000 to RM95,000 per year depending on the course of choice.

Which Is Also A Top Private Universities In Malaysia

Sunway University

Accorded with a 4-star rating by QS Stars Rating System, the 22-acre Sunway University which is also a top private universities in Malaysia, is one of the largest and well-equipped private institution in Malaysia that is known primarily for its professional accounting and actuarial courses. The university is also popular for its Business Management, Financial Economics, International Business Studies, Marketing, and Global Supply Chain Management courses. Looking through its impressive website or brochure, you’ll see it is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities like laboratories, world-class auditoriums, and recreational facilities like sports courts, gym, and much, much more. 

Sunway University  students get encouraging support from student councils and advisory panels, 24-hour security and auxiliary police support, off-campus student care, career services, scholarships & financial assistance, as well as near-campus accommodations. With campuses in Selangor, Johor Bahru, Ipoh, and Kuching, it is no wonder it’s made it into the list of top Asian University Rankings easily and frequently.

Which Is Also A Top Private Universities In Malaysia

INTI University

When it comes to offering a buffet of internationally-recognised courses, INTI International University and College has a list of solid partnerships with the best educational bodies in the world. Their enduring long-term partnerships with global universities from countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia are the main reasons parents send their children to study in INTI, especially its comprehensive American Degree Transfer Programme. Although they specialise in offering top-notch courses in business, IT, Computer Science, and Mass Communication, they also offer programs like Creative Arts and Design, Health and Medicine and Travel & Hospitality.

Their courses can range from anything between RM18,000 to RM28,000 per year for their popular courses. INTI’s students are also known to be good all-rounders who have won a 24-hour hackathon session in 2016 and the Penang International Science Fair Mobile App Challenge. It also boasts of a 6-month 99% successful employment rate for its graduates.

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